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Easy Rules Manager

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Price depends upon selected ruleset and number of sensors. For quantites outside these bands please contact us for individually tailored prices.

Centrally Managed Rule Deployment

The Easy Rules Manager is a Microsoft Windows Application (GUI) that provides centralised management of Snort Rules from multiple sources that are stored in local or remote databases (MS SQL or MySQL compatible) for managed distribution to control multiple sensors; by multiple users.

ERM is now available online for those who need to control 20 sensors or less per Instance of the application. Each unit added to this cart will purchase one instance of the ERM application which can distribute rules to as many sensors that are specified (5, 10, or 20). Purchasing additional instances with different numbers of sensors is possible, and these will be added as additional order lines.

Please note implementations of Easy Rules Manager to control more than 20 sensors may be subject to a special price based on total number of installs and total number of sensors. Please contact us directly; details are on our corporate website, where you will also find full details of ERM and other products that make up the Idappcom complete solution.

Included in this package:

  • 1 year software activation key for Easy Rules Manager
  • 1 year email and telephone support (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
  • 1 year entitlement to software upgrades if made available during the period

How to activate:

  • Purchase your activation key.
  • Register a new user account on to access and download the Easy Rules Manager setup installer.
  • Install and run the application. It will give you an 'idappReq' code that we require to generate your activation key.
  • Email the idappReq code to with your order number and account email address.
  • We will email your activation key back to you.