Cyber Protection Services

Services to protect from attacks such as, data theft, malware, spyware, phishing attacks, illegal site access. They also give you the choice to exclude the ability to connect to gambling, gaming, online pharma, social networking and known inappropriate sites. Cyber security service monthly subscriptions are provided for different use scenarios:

  • Home - Family and Child protection service
  • Home Office - Protection service tailored for the protection of applications used in business by the Home office, remote worker.
  • Small Business/Shared Space - Protection service designed for small business premises, especially those in shared office space. Ideal for defence in depth and satellite offices.
  • Travel - Tuned for connections to WiFi access points whilst in Hotels, airports, cafes etc.
  • Business  Quote only - Protection for the businesses who may wish to place IPS inline or in multi secure fail-over type situations. This service requires detailed site and network surveys before recommendations can be made/priced. So not available to buy online. Contact to discuss your needs

All variants are monitored by our Security Operations Centre keeping your defences updated 24/7. Our experts will analyse the significance of any attacks that have been detected and recommend any action you need to take.

These services are all based on monthly subscriptions. You are encouraged to read the licence agreement and terms and conditions.

Home Protection Service

£10.49 £12.59 Inc VAT
(per month)

Home Office Protection Service

£16.39 £19.67 Inc VAT
(per month)

Small Business/Shared Space Protection Service

£42.98 £51.58 Inc VAT
(per month)

Travel Protection Service

£14.23 £17.08 Inc VAT
(per month)

Business Protection Service

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