Cyber Protection Services

Home (HIPSY)

  • Child Protect – Protecting vulnerable people. Excludes the ability to connect to social networking and known inappropriate sites.
  • Family – Protecting the home with IoT protection, inappropriate sites,  Phishing, banking rules and more
  • SoHo – Where protection levels have to be at the same level as the BIPSY but only a few selected devices are connected

Travel (GIPSY) and Business (BIPSY)

  • Compact ruleset – Thousands of protection policies required for most small business.
  • Extended ruleset – The compact ruleset with the addition of rules that a slightly larger business may need for things like web servers and database servers

All variants are monitored by our Security Operations Centre keeping your defences updated 24/7. Our experts will analyse the significance of any attacks that have been detected. 

Home Protection Service

£109.00 £130.80 Inc VAT

Travel Protection Service

£170.00 £204.00 Inc VAT

Business Protection Service

£655.00 £786.00 Inc VAT

Laptop Webcam Cover

£1.80 £2.16 Inc VAT

Laptop Webcam Cover (Triple Pack)

£4.20 £5.04 Inc VAT